The galleries/ portfolios on my web site are dynamic, and the photographs will be changed on a regular basis. Normally the galleries will represent a body of work which reflects a project, occasionally there will be just stand-alone photographs without a specific theme. The individual projects will also be offered as a collection of smaller prints (folio). Please check out the menu item Prints for information about folios.

Project: Movements Of Water. (Print ref: MOW#)

I have always been fascinated with the element of water in Mother Nature. The stormy sea waves crashing against the rocky shoreline and the serene lake reflecting the surroundings are scenes which I find visual interesting. In my project I embrace water as a timeless moving element in nature, for which I have captured in different seasons, along the Norwegian coastline, in our countryside as well as on different travels abroad. I hope you’ll enjoy the photographs, as I enjoyed taking them. Any questions or comments are much appreciated, and will be answered if you leave your e-mail address.

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