Ever since I started with film photography in the 80’s and later as I entered the digital era, I’ve become more and more dedicated to the craft of taking photographs. My interest for landscape photography have been my main path from the beginning, and my images reflects in many ways my passion for capturing the wonderful facets of nature. On my travels and hikes, I seek the scenic places and the objects that appeals to my soul and senses. As many photographers, I’ve experienced discovering the most beautiful details in nature, often not visible to those who don’t take the time to explore and study. The Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess said something wise about embracing our environment and see the greatness in the small in nature. Since I live in Norway, I’m fortunate to have access to a very long coast line, and our mountains offers spectacular scenery. Both photographing in Norway as well as abroad, I hope that my images can tell you the story that I found, and be a visual pleasure as well.

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UNIFORA, stands for "The world outside" - UNIversitas (lat; the world) and FORA (lat; outside).

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